Here's how to work out someone's personality, according to an ex FBI agent

If there’s one organisation that you’d trust to work out show to read someone, it’s the FBI.

Now ex FBI agent LaRae Quy has come up with a few tips of how to work out someone’s personality. Here’s what she has to say

1. Create a baseline

Analyse their behaviour as a whole.

We all have our individual quirks and behaviour patterns – whether that be a twitch, a squint, or even a constant desire to scratch our head.

But it’s key to differentiate between these and work out whether they are simply mannerisms, or instead indicative of anger, deception or nervousness.

2. Look for inconsistencies

Try and spot inconsistencies in his baseline. For example, if someone has a habit of clearing their throat when nervous, they could be using it around you – and it’s important to suss out exactly what it is that’s responsible for the nerves.

3. Look at these coming together

Keep an eye out and see if several of the aforementioned quirks are coming together, as it could be a sign of extreme panic or nervousness.

Again, you can work this out and stay one step ahead of the game.

4. Compare with others

Once you’ve noticed the personality quirks, you can test them against the personalities of other people in the group. It might be the case that your suspicions are correct, and it’s all because they’re acting a little bit different to everyone else around you. 5. Observe how they walk


‘Well you can tell by the walk they walk’, etc, etc.

Turns out that there might be something in that. A meek and un-confident walk might be a sign of a weak personality, and it’s worth knowing if you’re trying to build up someone’s confidence, or even your own.

6. Look for personality clues

Have a general assessment of their personality and work out if their general personality offers a hint about how you can read them.

Consider the following.

Do they seem extroverted or introverted?

Driven by relationships or power?

What feeds their ego?

How do they behave when stressed?

And how do they behave when relaxed.

It’s worth noting that this list isn’t extensive or conclusive, but it’s still an interesting guide on personality insights. 

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