Scientists have solved the urinal splashback problem

Great news for men with poor aim – scientists have created something to prevent urinal splashblack.

The ‘urine black hole’ is designed to prevent specks of pee and toilet water bouncing out of the lav and onto men’s crotches, which could be pretty embarrassing.

Director of Utah State University’s Splash Lab (yep, it’s a thing), Tadd Truscott and his graduate Randy Hurd presented the invention at the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics in Boston earlier this week.

The urine black hole is basically a splash minimising insert placed onto the back of the toilet to be used as a target.

The scientists based their design on a type of moss which supresses and absorbs rain water.

A bulletin from the APS Division said: ‘In recent years, industrial designers and hygiene-driven entrepreneurs have sought to limit this splashing by creating urinal inserts, with the effectiveness of their inventions varying drastically.

‘From this large assortment of inserts, designs consisting of macroscopic pillar arrays seem to be the most effective splash suppressers. Interestingly this design partially mimics the geometry of the water capturing moss [Syntrichia caninervis], which exhibits a notable ability to suppress splash and quickly absorb water from impacting rain droplets.

‘With this natural splash suppressor in mind, we search for the ideal urine black hole by performing experiments of simulated urine streams (water droplet streams) impacting macroscopic pillar arrays with varying parameters including pillar height and spacing, draining and material properties. We propose improved urinal insert designs based on our experimental data in hopes of reducing potential embarrassment inherent in wearing khakis.’

Back in 2013, Truscott published a video with some handy advice about reducing splashback.

The Shaquille O’Neal reference is a nod to his Facebook update about urinal etiquette. He let his followers know he didn’t really appreciate it when fellas use a neighbouring urinal when there are free ones further away.


Maybe Shaq wouldn’t mind if splashback wasn’t an issue.

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